Posted 11 months ago

Got the app

Got the app on my phone today.  First time that something I’ve built has become an interactive, tangible experience.  

It wasn’t as exciting as one might hope, but hey, its a start.  Its an important step in the vision being realized.  

Posted 1 year ago

Babies are like dogs

Babies are a little bit like dogs - with their short term memories.  So sometimes you have to trick them… Oh, you dont want you binkie??  Well, let me just take it away and turn around for a second.  Ok, now do you want your binkie?  Peeeerfect!  

Posted 1 year ago

Three children

trying to figure out which of my three children (newborn, startup, girlfriend) is the most difficult… 

Posted 1 year ago

Come On!

Of course the german phrase for “come on” - “kom schon” has to sound exactly like “come Sean”… as if i dont get yelled at enough as it is!

This phrase, which she uses 10-15 times a day, is more verbal punishment even when she doesn’t mean it!!

Posted 1 year ago


Wow, things happen quickly.  

Posted 1 year ago

Summertime Sadness

Are you feeling that summertime sadness??  Lana Del Ray certainly is.

Posted 1 year ago


Remember Wonky is good. 

Go Wonky Go!!

Posted 1 year ago

Fun Fair starts today!!

Largest fun fair on the Rhine starts today!!  This is the 4th largest festival in Germany and its happening right in my new town!

Posted 1 year ago

Real Racing 3

Playing a lot of real racing 3 today… who’s with me???  

Posted 1 year ago

Tap water aint a crime!

Where I come from, drinking tap water is not a crime!